How to Factory Reset Lenovo Laptop Without Novo Button?

In this detailed tutorial, we’ll show you how to factory reset a Lenovo laptop without the Novo button. A factory reset may be an excellent solution for problems with performance, software bugs, or just wanting to start over. If your laptop lacks a dedicated Novo button, don’t panic; we have alternate techniques to help you successfully do a factory reset.

Why Factory Reset Your Lenovo Laptop in the first place?

A factory reset addresses many problems that may develop with your Lenovo laptop over time. Your computer may be revitalized and given a fresh start with a reset, which can handle anything from slow performance to lingering software issues. It can seem challenging to reset your Lenovo laptop without the Novo button, but we’re here to show you that it’s perfectly feasible. Let’s get started with the detailed procedure.

Without the Novo Button, how can I factory reset a Lenovo laptop?

Here is a detailed explanation of how to reset your Lenovo laptop to factory settings without using the Novo button:

Make a data backup

Make sure you’ve backed up all your crucial files, papers, and data before doing a factory reset. For this, you might use cloud services or external storage devices.

Get to the Advanced Startup Options

The Windows Start menu provides access to the advanced starting settings in place of the Novo button. The “Start” button should be selected, followed by the “Settings” gear icon, “Update & Security,” and then “Recovery.”

Select Restart This PC.

The “Reset this PC” option may be found in the “Recovery” section. To begin the reset procedure, click it.

Choose Keep My Files or Remove All.

You’ll have a choice between two things:

“Keep my files”: This option will keep your private data intact when removing applications and settings.

“Remove everything” will delete your personal settings, programs, and data.

Comply with the on-screen directions

To start the reset procedure, adhere to the on-screen directions. Throughout this procedure, your laptop may need to restart many times.

Reinstall the operating system if necessary.

You may need your laptop’s Windows installation disc or USB to reinstall Windows following the reset.

Finish the setup.

When the reset is finished, you must go through the basic setup procedure, which includes language settings, user accounts, and network setups.

Investigating Alternative Reset Techniques

While the previous technique of utilizing Windows settings to factory reset your Lenovo laptop is effective, you may also try other approaches, mainly if you run into problems. We’ll look at these choices now:

Use the Recovery Partition to Reset

A secret recovery drive that holds the data needed to restore your laptop to factory defaults is a common feature of Lenovo laptops. Restart your computer, then search for the on-screen prompts to enter recovery mode to access this partition. You may start the reset procedure from there.

Utilize installation media

You can reset your laptop if you have a Windows installation disc or bootable USB drive with the necessary installation files. Restart your computer, then boot from the installation media after inserting the disc or USB device. Just follow the instructions to access the recovery options and start the reset.

Call Lenovo Customer Support

Feel free to contact Lenovo customer care if you are still having trouble or need clarification about how to reset your Lenovo laptop without the Novo button. Your laptop model-specific solutions will be provided, and their professionals will walk you through the procedure.

How to Keep Your Laptop Clean After a Reset

Following a successful reset of your Lenovo laptop, it’s crucial to follow these extra instructions to guarantee a smooth and practical experience going forward:

1. Setup Crucial Software

The essential programs and programs you often use should be reinstalled. You can retain productivity and a comfortable workflow by doing this.

2. Update Software And Drivers

Updating the drivers and software on your laptop to the most recent versions after the reset is critical. This guarantees optimum performance, security, and compatibility.

3. Adjust Settings

Utilize this chance to adjust your laptop’s settings to suit your tastes. To create a customized computing experience, change the display settings, power choices, and privacy settings.

4. Setup Security Programmers

Install trustworthy antivirus and antimalware software to prioritize the security of your laptop. This safeguards your information and guards against security risks.

5. Arrange Data and Files

Spend some time structuring your files and data as you begin from scratch. Your crucial information will be more straightforward to find and access as a result.

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Is My Lenovo Laptop Resettable Without The Novo Button?

Absolutely! The Novo button makes it easy to reach advanced options, but Windows settings may also be used to do a factory reset.

Is Everything Removed During A Factory Reset?

Yes, if you choose the “Remove everything” option during a factory reset, all your data and software will be erased. Before continuing, make careful to back up any crucial data.

How Long Does It Take To Reset?

The characteristics of your laptop and the volume of data being handled affect how long the reset procedure takes. It is advised to let the system take several hours to finish.

Do I Need An Operating System Installation Disc?

Windows 10 often contains the required files for reinstallation already built in if your laptop didn’t arrive with an installation CD. To be safe, having a backup installation technique is a brilliant idea.

Can A Factory Reset solve Software Problems?

Yes, a factory reset may often fix performance and enduring software issues. It’s similar to restarting your laptop.

Can I Reset the Factory Settings?

No, a factory reset cannot be undone. Before continuing, make sure you have a backup of your crucial data.


In this post, we’ve looked at the step-by-step procedure for factory resetting your Lenovo laptop without the Novo button. Although the Novo button is a valuable convenience, you shouldn’t be discouraged from doing a laptop reset to have a better, more optimized experience. Before beginning the procedure, remember to backup your data and choose the reset option that best meets your requirements. After reading this tutorial, you can confidently handle any software bugs or performance problems.