Retail Zipline raises $30M in Series B Funding

In 2019, Retail Zipline was focused on building a communication platform that would help corporate decision-makers in the retail sector communicate with the individual retail stores. However, the startup experienced some changes in 2020. The co-founder and CTO of Retail Zipline opined that people perceived that Retail Zipline would be in trouble during COVID. retail zipline 30mtechcrunch.

However, it turns out that a product which help the retailers to communicate important information is no longer good to possess. In simple terms, Retail Zipline was responsible for coordinating sales and promotions. However, it suddenly became the channel for managing things like safety and health protocols. retail zipline covid 30mtechcrunch.

It has also become a platform suitable for closures and furloughs. CEO and co-founder opined that the platform supports both engagement and execution. Both execution and engagement of Retail Zipline ensured that retailers were able to break the shackles during the pandemic. The CEO explained that the engagement part implies that the platform can explain to a retailer the things they can protect during the pandemic. zipline 30mtechcrunch.

The CEO added that Retail Zipline was able to double its loyal base of clients during COVID. The CEO of Retail Zipline is of the opinion that retail will become more complex in the future. However, the platform aims to equip retailers with the tools to tackle the challenges.

The company announced that it has raised $30M in the Series B funding. The funding was led by some of the big organizations belonging to several industry domains. To date, the company has been able to raise $39M.