SwipeRx raises $27M in Series B from MDI Gates Foundation to digitise the pharma industry in Southeast Asia

SwipeRx, the pharma professional platform, declared that it secured $27 million in a Series B funding round. Indonesian MDI Ventures helmed the round, which saw the participation of the Gates Foundation, Susquehanna International Group, Johnson & Johnson and current financers. swiperx southeast asia series mdi.

Southeast Asian pharmacies remain fragmented for the most part. They are family shops operating in silos. With such a background, SwipeRx, formally called mClinica, got incorporated in Singapore in 2014. According to SwipeRx CEO Farouk Meralli, the region witnessed the telemedicine apps, but the modernisation excluded the pharmacy and the large workforce. swiperx 27m series mdi venturesparktechcrunch.

SwipeRx has digitised the pharmacy industry, becoming a one-stop platform for pharmacists. It includes education and inventory financing in Southeast Asia. They provide an online accredited education, job listings, drug information, and discussion boards. These will help the pharmacists in the service of the patients. swiperx southeast series mdi venturesparktechcrunch.

Users can keep up with the latest healthcare news and medicine information with the SwipeRx app. The app also helps budding pharmacists look for job postings or post job listings. Apart from being a utility app, it is a networking platform. swiperx asia 27m series mdi.

The singular purchasing network of SwipeRx makes it possible to negotiate better prices. They were able to introduce B2B commerce in the same app. The broad access to the platform regulates the prices and ensures medicine availability. southeast 27m series mdi venturesparktechcrunch.

SwipeRx plans to use the fresh funds to finance its growth across Southeast Asia. Back in 2017, SwipeRx raised $6.3 in Series A funding. This momentum led the 400-person organisation to become a favourite of more than 235,000 professionals and 45,000 pharmacies across countries like Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Cambodia.